Individual routines

Individual routines

1. Routines

In the Routines section you will find hundreds of them, classified by category. This is the main option used in the the app’s free version.


You can access all routines from ALL and use 🔍 to search by name, or the filters to filter by level or muscle group.

Do you have a routine you really enjoy? Pick it and enter into the routine options to mark it as favourite, or share it with whoever you want! Access ❤️ to see all your favourites routines.

2. Custom Routines

Inside the Routines section, enter MY ROUTINES and click ➕ to create your custom routines.


Each custom routine contains a:

  • Routine name: choose a name to easily recognize it from others.
  • Category: pick the category that best suits the routine.
  • Muscle group: pick muscle groups involved, or choose the full body option.
  • Number of rounds: if you are creating a circuit routine, choose the number of rounds of your choice. Otherwise, you can leave this option unfilled. If you are creating a High Intensity routine, we suggest that you indicate, in the case of:
    • EMOM, how many laps or minutes of work you are you going to do.
    • ABATA and HIIT, if you want to do them more than once.
  • Level: choose the difficulty level of your routine.
  • Time: estimated time of the routine. This is an orientative value and does not affect the routine performance.
  • Workout Mode: pick the mode of the routine: normal, TABATA, HIIT or EMOM.

Once said fields are filled, it’s time to add the exercises. You may add as much exercises and supersets of exercises as you want. To that end, a search button is included.

When choosing an exercise, you should indicate how many sets and how many repetitions or seconds you want to do. If you are creating a circuit routine, we suggest leaving the value of series at 1 and placing only the number of repetitions or seconds. When you want to add a superset, a menu will open in which you can indicate the individual exercises that make up the superset and how many times you want to do it.

You can access all your custom routines by clicking into MY ROUTINES. Go into the routine's menu to edit, save as favourite, share with friends or sent it to the community's feed.

3. Routine categories

3.1 Strength

Routines designed mainly with high-difficulty and low-repetition exercises. They are mainly focused in improving your ability to realize challenging exercises and moves.

In this time of routines we recommend using long pauses between series and exercises (between 2’30” and 5’).

3.2 Hypertrophy

In here you will find specifically muscle gain designed routines, whether you are looking for full body or a specific muscle group routine.

Pick a demanding but reachable routine of your choice and work with intermediate rest period (between 1’ and 2’30”).

3.3 Muscle groups

This category acts as a filter and displays all routines involving muscle groups of you interest, whether they are design for strength, hypertrophy, endurance, etc.

3.4 At home

In here you will find a great variety of equipment-less routines; at the most, you will need a chair or similar. The perfect choice for beginners or those without a calisthenics park in reach, considering that most routines are relatively simple. However, this category contains some routines for the advanced users too.

We recommend short to intermediate rest period (between 30” and 2’30”).

3.5 Mobility

In here you will find workout ideal to improve overall joint mobility and body posture. Is considered one of the most important sections, as it will help you prevent injuries, enhance muscle balance and improve overall workouts execution and esthetics.

None or low rest periods (less than 30”) are preferred.

3.6 Reps

Endurance oriented routines, designed to improve the number of repetitions in several exercises, or a combination of them. In this section you will find some of our harshest routines, ideal for intermediate and advanced users. Many of these routines can be considered challenging by themself, or a lowest-time challenge.

You can try them without resting, or with low to intermediate rest period (between 30” and 2’30”).

3.7 Cardio

Routines designed to keep the heart rate high, make you sweat and develop the cardiovascular system. Exercises tend to be achievable, making them quite useful for beginners.

We recommend short rest periods (between 30” and 1’).

3.8 High intensity

High-Intensity: in this category you will encounter different work mechanics, such as:

  • TABATA: maximum intensity routines, consisting of 8 intervals of 20” each, with a 10” rest period in between.
  • HIIT: similar to TABATA, with variations in the amount of intervals, their duration, and rest periods.
  • EMOM: the longer you take to complete a certain amount of workout within the minute, the less you will rest.

TABATA and HIIT routines are recommended for cardio workout and fat burning. Meanwhile, EMOM ones are more focused on endurance improvement.

3.9 Tension

In this section you will find routines prepared to enhance your level in high difficulty, isometric based exercises, such as planks, front levers, back levers, among others.

This category, recommended for the intermediate and advanced users, is best with long rest period (between 2’30” and 5’).

3.10 Explosive

Routines based on more advanced jumps, explosive variations, plyometrics exercises. Ideal for power development in intermediate and advanced users. This routines tend to be quite fun and fulfilling.

Set your rest timing depending on the routine’s difficulty and your current level.